Unique Room Ideas to Suit Your Lifestyle

21 Oct 2019

Unique Room Ideas to Suit Your Lifestyle

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It’s important to make space in your life for the things you love. By dedicating extra rooms or areas of your home to your favorite pastimes, it’s easier to incorporate your interests into your lifestyle and turn a house into a sanctuary.

Highlight Health and Fitness
If the hardest part about working out is going to the gym, invite a personal trainer over for some one-on-one sessions at your home fitness studio. Rock climbing buffs might consider installing a rock wall to keep skills sharp between visits to natural landmarks. Another option: Pamper yourself post-workout with an indoor luxury spa room to soothe your body and mind.

Celebrate Your Interests
For the craft enthusiast, a fully stocked craft room could be the perfect place to unwind and let your creativity run wild. Fashion lovers will feel even more at home with spacious walk-in closets featuring luxurious elements like chandeliers and islands. Or for those who care to protect and display their wine collection, consider adding a wine cellar with a tasting area to showcase and sample your finest vintages.

Entertain With Style
Whether you prefer high-brow cinema or the latest blockbuster, an immersive home theater is sure to please every member of the family (and their closest friends), especially if you include soundproofing. If you enjoy spending time outside, lavish indoor-outdoor spaces can enhance the entertaining experience. Want to add a little mystery (and practicality) to your home? Install a secret room or passageway to create a hidden space or connect existing rooms.

What does your one-of-a-kind room look like?

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