Secret Rooms and Spaces For Your Home

17 Mar 2021

Secret Rooms and Spaces For Your Home

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Everyone needs a little privacy, and today’s homeowners are finding creative ways to get it. From hidden passageways to covert safes and stealth walls, it seems homeowners have some intriguing requests for their builders and architects.

Are you interested in adding a secluded space to your home? Here are some of the most popular ones to consider:

Bookcase Doorways: Made popular by the movies, bookcase doorways are more common among homeowners than you might think. Since bookcases are a highly functional element in any room, they’re a great way to hide extra hallways without detracting from the room’s design.

Hidden Wine Cellars: Imagine a door in the floor that leads to a spiral staircase and walls full of your favorite vino. What could be more exciting? All you need is the right rug to conceal it, and the secret’s all yours.

Surprise Slides: Want something fun for the kiddos? Add a slide that goes from the second floor to the ground floor. You can hide it behind a wall panel, faux cabinet door or even a closet shelf.

Secret Safes: A safe can undoubtedly offer security. But a safe that’s concealed? It doesn’t get more secure than that. Many homeowners are adding hidden safes under floor hatches, behind fireplaces and even underneath staircases.

Obscure Screening Rooms: Have private movie screenings in a spacious, soundproof theater room that’s hiding behind a stone wall or swinging shelving unit.

Hidden rooms and passageways are a great way to add a little mystery, fun and function to your property. If you’re interested in financing a home remodel or planning to build a new property with some fun and functional hideaway spaces, get in touch today to discuss your options.

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