Professional Design Principles: Wabi-Sabi

04 Feb 2021

Professional Design Principles: Wabi-Sabi

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Minimalism, boho and art deco had their moments, but it seems the luxury market is shifting to a new design principle. The trend that professional designers love for posh interiors? Wabi-sabi.

With a focus on embracing nature, randomness and imperfections, wabi-sabi is the ideal style for anyone who wants to steer clear of a perfectly curated, pristine look. Instead, a wabi-sabi home is abstract, authentic and livable.

Are you interested in how you can incorporate wabi-sabi into your home? Here are the design principles you should know:

Keep it simple. Wabi-sabi avoids lavish and highly ornamented decor. Instead, it makes use of organic materials like plants, unpolished crystals and unstained wood. Functional furniture and negative space give a simple, elegant feel.

Don’t pursue perfection. Unlike other design styles, wabi-sabi doesn’t emphasize straight edges, crystal-clear china or throw pillows with matching patterns. Rather, live-edge wood tables and handwoven textiles introduce asymmetry while handmade pottery shows an appreciation for imperfection.

Embrace history. Wabi-sabi embraces the history of your home and forgoes unnecessary updates to original structural elements. Treat old wood beams, fading limestone and naturally veined marble as focal points for design.

Watch out for clutter. Celebrate one-of-a-kind items and small collections by avoiding crowded shelves of knickknacks or filling each room to the brim. Every piece in the space should have a unique purpose and meaning to create a simple, pleasing environment.

Peaceful, beautiful and uncluttered — it’s no surprise wabi-sabi is gaining ground with designers worldwide.

If you’re considering a professional wabi-sabi makeover for your home or contemplating a renovation, get in touch today to discuss what options will give you the best results for your decor and your investment.

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