Modern Light Fixtures Have It All

12 Jun 2019

Modern Light Fixtures Have It All

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Many of today’s light fixtures combine new technology and avant-garde design to form modern works of art — even when they’re switched off. Looking to elevate your home’s interior? Here are a few modern lighting trends to know.

Clustered Arrangements
Small pendants can make a striking statement when grouped. Whether you’re clustering colorful glass bowls or monochromatic orbs, a themed assortment is a great way to contrast minimalism and maximalism. Cluster pendants tend to shy away from the ornate, focusing instead on simple, clean shapes and structural integrity.

Sculptures and Shadows
Today, chandeliers take on new life thanks to unique materials and interesting shapes. Try rough-hewn wire for a rustic DIY aesthetic or glass tile blown and shaped into organic textures. Modern lighting plays with shapes, designs and materials to create a more dynamic mood. You might even consider placing a carved panel beneath existing fixtures to add another dimension and create dramatic shadows in your space.

The Bulb as Objet D’Art
Another growing trend in lighting design explores a more deconstructed look. Exposed, oversized and tinted bulbs highlight hand-blown craftsmanship, playful hues and geometric shapes. Standing alone, these pieces make a statement. Consider upgrading cords with some color to add an extra punch to any room.

Style and design are important, but so are function and energy efficiency. Fortunately, many modern light fixtures have it all, along with pleasing illumination and ambiance. So whether you’re looking to bring more personality to your space or you just want to maximize the impact of fine furnishings, artistic light fixtures could be the right choice for you.

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