Luxury Backyard Features

19 Feb 2020

Luxury Backyard Features

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Dreaming of an island getaway or a break from the daily grind? Forget plane tickets and hotel rooms. In fact, you don’t have to go more than a few feet for a little R & R. All it takes is a few key additions, and you can turn your backyard into a relaxing retreat right at home.

Here’s how to turn your backyard into the oasis you’re yearning for:

1. Add a lazy river. What’s more relaxing than a leisurely float down the river? Grab a spacious pool float, pour yourself a refreshing drink and get ready to wind down.

2. Install an infinity pool. Get your daily workout without the crowds and smells of a public gym. An infinity pool offers you a space-saving, all-over workout that gets the job done and relaxes you in the process.

3. Stock the bar and kitchen. Install an outdoor bar and kitchen area, complete with a pizza oven, grill and built-in wine fridge. Add some comfortable outdoor seating and invite friends over for bites and bottles.

4. Build a pool house. Pool houses aren’t just for pool supplies anymore. Use yours as a guest house, an entertaining space or a game room. You’ll get bonus points with the kiddos, too, because who wouldn’t love a sleepover away from the parents?

5. Consider a luxury shed. Need a little alone time once in a while? Upscale sheds are great backyard alternatives to the traditional tool or potting shed and can serve as a four-seasons room without the hassle of local permitting.

Your backyard is prime real estate — so use it to its fullest. With the right features and amenities in place, you’ll never need to leave home again.

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