The Latest in Smart Home Technology

21 Jun 2020

The Latest in Smart Home Technology

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Most Americans are familiar with the idea of smart home technology, which offers connected, optimized comfort and convenience via smartphone apps. But the emergence of whole-house hubs like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, which use a simple interface to connect separate features through Wi-Fi networks, has broadened the appeal.

Smart Home Tech for All Ages
Smart homes are desirable to every generation, from millennials to baby boomers, and homebuilders and high-end condo and apartment communities have taken note. Many buyers are opting for move-in ready smart systems with voice control, and some buildings now come with apps that allow unit owners to schedule classes, reserve event spaces and notify staff of arriving guests.

High-tech smart features also make it easier to monitor secondary residences. Weekenders and rental property owners can set desired thermostat and pool temperatures based on arrival times. Parents can monitor electricity use and security cameras at their college student’s condo. And aging adults can live independently for longer thanks to automated lighting, security features and wearable tech that allows relatives and caregivers to check on them from afar.

Current Trends
Smart homes can optimize security and increase energy efficiency with options like smartphone-controlled doorbell cameras and ever-improving thermostats and plugs that monitor energy use. Upscale homes offer smart touches in more places, including air filtration, window coverings, wine cellars and radiant floor heating.

What’s on the Horizon
Watch for further hub integration, such as GPS that works with door sensors to inform parents when children come and go, and appliances that tell you when to order more groceries. You can also expect home Wi-Fi networks to become increasingly more secure, providing additional peace of mind.

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