How To Incorporate Art Into Your Home

04 Jan 2016

How To Incorporate Art Into Your Home

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It can take years to put together an art collection that captures your style and makes your house feel truly one of a kind. Whether you’ve invested in lots of original pieces or tend to gather more affordable prints, here’s how to display your selections in the way they deserve.

Think three-dimensional.
Fine art is all about creativity, so don’t be afraid to break from tradition. Sculptural pieces bring a modern flair to your home, reclaimed or vintage items can pay homage to heritage, and larger-than-life art will make bigger spaces feel warmer. Textiles, metalworks and artistic light fixtures can also add another layer of interest to your surroundings.

Curate with care.
Work with the space you have to highlight your favorite pieces in a meaningful way. This means matching certain pieces to certain rooms: Large gallery-worthy canvases can be placed where you entertain guests, while your children’s artwork can go where the family likes to spend quality time together. Don’t be afraid to rotate pieces regularly to keep things interesting.

Display art mindfully.
For an aesthetically pleasing and polished effect, determine the best height for each piece based on the room’s dimensions. You can also consider grouping several paintings, prints or photographs together. To do this well, start by choosing an “anchor piece” and then work from there, being as playful or bold as you’d like.

You purchased your art for a reason. Why not show off what you love about your choices while helping your home look its very best?

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