FAQ page

How does the GetAnAgent system work?
Simply put – we do all the leg work for you. Unlike others, we rely on old-fashioned due diligence rather than automatic computer generated searches. Our 5 step process begins by understanding your specific needs and situation. Next, we identify agents with the most experience particular to your situation in your area. We then review resumes, check references, and facilitate an interview the candidates. If that process is important for Fortune 500 companies when hiring executives, why would you do any less when it comes to your most valuable asset?
How does GetAnAgent get paid?
Agents pay us a referral fee through a portion of their commission. There is absolutely no cost to you, our client.
Do you refer agents from your own company?
No. Our mission is to find the best real estate agent for you. In order to earn your trust we will not refer ourselves. We stick to what we know best – identifying highly effective agents.
Do agents pay to be on your referral list
No. We don’t have a list. We start from scratch with each client. Unlike our competitors, agents cannot pay to be a part of our program or to promote themselves on our website.
Will you help me if there is a problem?
Yes. Once we match you with an agent, we will check in with you during the transaction process to make sure everything’s going great. If for some reason it’s not, we’ll help you make it great by intervening with the agent – or finding you a new one. We are here for you from start to finish.