Designing The Perfect Vacation Home

15 Aug 2019

Designing The Perfect Vacation Home

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Vacation homes aren’t just about location. Whether you’ve bought a property to rent out or you’re investing in a vacation spot for your family, there are plenty of other factors to consider.

Want a vacation-worthy property? Here are some ideas to enhance the vacation experience:

Create a communal space. Make sure there’s somewhere the entire group can get together for talking, games or a nice meal. Be sure to include plenty of comfortable seating for everyone.

Match the decor to the locale. Is your home on the beach? Bring in linens with coastal hues and accent the windows with light, airy curtains that blow in the breeze. Have a property in a mountainous area? Create a warm, welcoming respite with a fireplace, cozy blankets and dark wood tones.

Have a kid-friendly area. You don’t need to design a full playscape, but do have some safe, child-friendly areas where kids can hang out. Maybe add a sandbox in the backyard, or designate a “kid” room with a few toys, bunk beds and other fun touches.

Smarten it up. Install smart technology that can enhance everyone’s stay. Keypad locks allow easy access for all guests and offer peace of mind when going out. Smart TVs ensure access to Netflix, Hulu and other providers.

Add the finishing touches. If you plan to rent your property, consider including extra linens, complimentary toiletries or even plush robes for lounging. A great experience will bring better reviews and attract rentals in the future.

There’s no cut-and-dry way to design the perfect vacation home. Customize it to your family’s needs, and research the local tourism market to see what travelers are looking for. The thought and effort you put into your vacation home will help create fond memories for years to come.

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